Friday, October 23, 2009

Elvis Perkins in Deerland
Doomsday EP
XL Recordings

This EP revolves around a song from this band’s self-titled album that was released earlier this year. There are two versions of the tile track, one the album version, and a new slow version, with two traditional folk songs, and two new originals.

Perkins and his band play, write and sing very well. However, the songs on the EP, like the full length album, sound like a less experimental Michael Penn, with lyrics that try to shoulder the weight of the world on them. Perkins sings like Michael Penn, and without Penn’s caustic air. The title tracks are meant to be ironically lighthearted, but in the end sound pretentious. Michael Penn continues to turn out better music than this, and there is no reason Penn should be replaced by Perkins.
Andrea Weiss

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