Tuesday, September 28, 2010



True Panther Sounds

Glasser is a one-woman band, Cameron Mesirow. She sounds like Bjork musically, and a less homey Imogene Heap.

On the surface this album’s music sounds somber and angry. But Mesirow’s singing is thoughtful, and her lyrics offer hope, comfort, solace, and happiness. The music and lyrics provide balance, as does the structure of the album. “Ring” in this case is a chiastic structure borrowed from the oral tradition, where ideas point symmetrically toward a whole. So there is no beginning or end to this album.

This album is fresh and different. It tweaks both standard confessional singer/songwriter folk and electronica at the same time. It is sweet to listen to, as if you and an old friend sharing time together. [www.myspace.com/glasssser]

Andrea Weiss

Blonde Redhead

Penny Sparkle

4 AD Records

There is a lot to like about this album. Musically it’s angular, melodic ambient pop, and very atmospheric. The lyrics, while they lack detail, blend in so well with the music that any meaning gets lost.

The album’s one drawback is that the songs sound a bit alike after awhile, but it really is a minor complaint. This is good music for quiet times and rainy days. [www.myspace.com/blonderedhead]

Andrea Weiss

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