Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Metal Mountains

Golden Trees

Amish Records

This band is something of a supergroup, Helen Rush and Pat Guber were in the band Tower Recordings, Samara Lubelski was also in Tower, and part of Thurston Moore’s band Hall of Fame.

The music flows are richly as John Fahey’s best recordings, but with electric rather than acoustic guitars. Rush sings with the same calm ease as Jacqui McShee from the Pentangle, and her simple, quiet, cautiously optimistic lyrics still have an eeriness about them. This is especially true in “The Golden Trees that Shade Us” with its hint that the main character may be dead.

This is music for contemplation, or meditation. It’s perfect music for waking up to, and perfect for going to sleep. Who could ask for more? [www.amishrecords.com]

Andrea Weiss

Jordan Andrew Jefferson

Self Titled

Self Released

Jefferson is a singer/songwriter from Huntington West Virginia. His album is very much mainstream soft rock, but a lot smarter, more fun, and wiser than is typical for the genre.

While his lyrics are sometimes somewhat corny or silly, the humor is good natured, and sincere.

The best ballad on here is “Boy in the Shadows” a touching song about unrequited love. In a faster tempo is “Charlie Brown Superstar” about life and how to live it. The “oh well” quality of the latter is expressed nicely, as he has a very good voice and places the emotions of the song clearly. This is also true of the album as a whole, which is another reason this album is recommended. This is light music, but never lightweight, and just an all around satisfying album. [www.WhoIsJordan.com]

Andrea Weiss

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