Monday, February 27, 2012

Amy Ray

Lung of Love

Daemon Records

These warm, mellow hard pop songs make this album fun, soulful, adult, and insightful, the product of a settled mind, confident and sure of what it wants to say. And like the title of one them, “Glow,” they do, as a celebration of lesbian love, of women, and sometimes the politics, like on “Little Revolution” where she mentions that she has a little Lynn Breedlove in her.

“From Haiti” is a tribute to the people of that country, post earthquake, their reliance in the face of ruin. She condemns the way countries like the US treat them and their country, paternalistic, like a “problem child,” when they are anything but. While this is not a new story, it is always worth mentioning, simply because all people are worthy of respect, and are not to be patronized.

Produced by Greg Griffith, with members of The Butchies (Melissa York and Kyla Wilson) on guitar and drums, Julie Wolf on keys, and Griffith also on guitar, the songs were recorded in analog, keys added afterward, making for a solid sound throughout, tight, crunchy, yet light and buoyant. Jim James and Brandi Carlile also appear as backing vocalists. It is another fine solo outing from Ray, who continues her output of fine music, both alone, and with the Indigo Girls. [] Andrea Weiss

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