Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of



With sampled techno and electronica pieces, SpaceGhost creates a quirky, offbeat universe where almost anything goes, and almost anything is possible. The melodies are great, as are the beats. The music both flows and pumps smoothly, fluidly.

While these lyrics are profane, he is sincere about not hating people, loving women for all they are, and no homophobia. And when the profane is stripped away, as on “The Black God,” he reveals himself to be one of the smartest rappers out there. He know where he’s going, what it’s like not to have bling, and that he’s tough in ways other rappers might not be.

This debut, after many mixtapes, is good for dancing, good for doing just about anything. And good for just wanting something different than run of the mill rap.

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Andrea Weiss

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