Monday, October 22, 2012

Paul Banks

Interpol’s front man steps out for his first true solo album. He felt that he didn’t want anymore shtick, as in calling himself Julian Plenti, so he dropped the nom de plume.

Banks brings much droll humor, warmth and feeling to this album, and it’s refreshing to hear him loosen up and show other sides to him. Musically this is sort of a combination of found sounds, electronica, and adult guitar rock, and it’s a very appealing mix.  As much as I love Interpol, I have to say that in some ways I like this album better, just because he opens up, and wants to have some fun.  For example, on “Another Chance,” he uses the script of Sebastian Ischer’s film Black Out, to mock himself with lines like “there’s something wrong with my brain!” “I have a neurological condition!”  And, “sometimes, I lose control!”

“Paid For That” mentions how much he loved Folk Implosion’s “Natural One” at 17.  It was an influence, and it’s now a tribute to the kid in him, and all the kids around today.  He also references “Natural One” musically.  Banks’ guitar playing is some of the best I’ve heard from him. 

Interpol has not broken up, which Banks’ states in a mini-documentary by Noisey, which is on his site. And the album is a not to be missed if you’re a fan. It’s also a wonderful introduction to his work, both on the Julian Plenti album, and with Interpol.
 Andrea Weiss

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