Saturday, December 1, 2012

Avan Lava

A bisexual love triangle told in 4:55 minutes. The song is erotic and loving, and the video is even more so. I prefer the uncensored version of the video for that reason.  The song is on Avan Lava’s Flex Fantasy EP, and the EP is great all the way through. The title of the song and the clip that accompanies it isn’t meant to be taken literally. Sisters as in best friends, and maybe in the feminist way as well.

All the shots of two hot women in and out of bed, partying or just having quiet times with each other captures love honestly and naturally. This is why you can feel for the woman who is the odd person out when the other is with her boyfriend.  She should ditch him and stay with her girlfriend who gives her much more than the guy could. But don’t ditch the song, which is gorgeous. A mid tempo groove that gets under your skin, it lingers long after the song is over. It’s cool, and the video makes it even cooler.  
Andrea Weiss

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