Monday, May 13, 2013

Secondhand Rapture

As good as their EP Candy Bar Creepshow, MS MR’s full length debut, Secondhand Rapture is even better.  While this does sound like Adele, it is also a lot rougher than what Adele gets up to. It’s stronger, darker, more propulsive, and in the end, more organic.  It’s more straightforward early 90s sounding too, rather than the smooth jazz that Adele goes for.

 I like Adele, but I like MS MR much more, as the duo never goes for more than thoughtful fun, and light entertainment, with lots of drama, but no melodrama, and without all the moaning and wailing that Adele sometimes tilts toward a little too much.  All told, a very good debut, and anyone who likes Adele should love this, or like me, wishes Adele was better than she is. MS MR does that for me in spades.
Andrea Weiss

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