Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ETT New Album

Emiliana Torrini
Rough Trade

This is a big improvement over 2008’s Me and Armani, whose sole good moment was the international hit “Jungle Drum,” the only non-precious track on it, and the only track where the oh-so-cutesiness of it was used in a good, and agreeably silly way.  This new album is more serious, and is informed by the birth of Torrini’s son, as well as her return to Iceland, her home country.

Tookah is a word coined by Toorini to describe when you are at your best, filled with love, life, and goodness inside and outside you.  Indeed, the album is an exploration of Tookah, and its importance when you take stock of your life.

Musically, this anagram of folk, pop, and some electronica is very pleasing, soothing, gentle, and somewhat solemn. It is also about being more mature, more grown up, and knowing what your responsibilities are.  This is really my introduction to Torrini.  I haven’t heard all of her work, but judging by her last album, this is her best. It's good music and her most mature effort.  I like it, and am glad of the chance to make her musical acquaintance.  
Andrea Weiss

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