Monday, February 24, 2014

Elternal Lips

Eternal Lips
New Mirage Records

Nice, dreamy pop.  This project from Brooklyn musician Grey Gersten, was conceived as an imaginary band.  It really does sound like a band, especially the lovely songs “Mercy” featuring Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio, and “Dream Hesitate,” featuring Sharon Van Etten.

However, I have two criticisms of this project.  First, on the spoken word track, it does not serve anyone’s purpose to make sick jokes about Charles Manson and cutting your fingers.  I was not amused.  Second, please drop the outsider tag.  That label has always been applied to disabled artists who have been shut out of the system for ablest reasons. Even though Gersten may not have meant this, it still annoys me because I have a learning disability and I want that tag eliminated.

I liked this EP a lot; this is dream pop at its best, very imaginative, and very well done. I would like to hear more, and I hope there is an album in the works.  This type of music really sticks in your mind, and makes for a wonderful, and memorable listening experience.  
Andrea Weiss

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