Saturday, November 15, 2014

Swearing At Motorists
While Laughing The Joker Tells The Truth
A Recordings

This is the first album since 2006’s Last Night Becomes This Morning, and the first for Anton Newcombe’s A Recordings.  Like that album and the ones before it, the Dayton, Ohio duo produced another good one, with the same minimalist instrumentation and droll lyrics about life and love.  Frontman Dave Doughman sounds as good as ever, his deep voice adding emphasis to the lyrics.

SAM have elements in them of other Dayton bands like The Breeders and Guided By Voices, but they always occupy their own space.  And what a space it is. This band is a lot of fun to listen to, especially on “I Likes Your Style,” the album’s best track.  Perfect for late night, early mornings, and quiet times at any time of the day.

Andrea Weiss

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