Sunday, November 8, 2015

Three Reviews

Dry Food
Explosions In Sound

Catchy, noisy, acoustic indie-pop. Ellen Kempner, all of 21 years old, from Boston, writes and sings like Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis. Fans of that band, and others like them, will enjoy this album very much, as will people who can’t get enough wry-humored songs about breakups. I like both, so this album is a treat.

French Horn Rebellion
Fooling Around EP
Ensemble Records 

I’m not big on music solely intended to dance to, but I'll make an exception for French Horn Rebellion. This duo from Brooklyn rock, or at the very least strut their stuff around the dance floor. Their lyrics are meant to think to, and thinking of joyful things predominates here.  The album’s title may hint at silliness, but there is nothing silly about this band. This is the sound of pure exuberance. 

Secret In The Dark
Other Music Recordings

Monika has been through a breakup, and a sailing accident, both sung about here. It's part of what makes this singer from Greece much better than the usual mainstream pop: there’s a lightness to these songs, instead of the usual weighty take on such things, and a minimum of drama. In the end, it's quite enjoyable. This is music to think to as well as dance to, songs that mean something, instead of just partying and sex. 

Andrea Weiss

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