Thursday, March 9, 2017

R Ring 17

R. Ring
Sofa Burn Records

This single, from their upcoming album Ignite The Rest (release date 4-28-17), finds the duo of Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery in fine form. Lots of guitars playing all over and around each other, expert drumming and percussion, as well as excellent singing. It's a relationship song, in which the main character tells the Cutter that she's sorry, and be harsh, but don’t try her either, and underscores it by getting angry.

Clyde Petersen and Chris Looney's animated video for the song is well-made, provocative, and takes cutting to a logical conclusion. There are also Molotov cocktails involved, Satanic symbols,  pills, and the police. Worth watching.

If you want more background on Cutter, and the upcoming album, there is a very cool series of podcasts by Mike and Kelley on iTunes that are worth hearing. All in all, a good run up to the album.


Cutter video


Andrea Weiss

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