Sunday, June 26, 2011


Omega La La

Sin Duda Records.

On first listen, this band sounds like the Dirty Projectors. But they are cold, cocky, calculating fish, and Rubblebiucket has too much heart, soul, fun, love, joy, and modesty to be like them. Instead this album is a really mellow version of the B’52’s. Not the B’52’s of the late 70s and early 80s with classics like “Rock Lobster,” and “My Own Private Idaho,” but the mature band who wrote classics like “Love Shack” “Song for a Future Generation,” “Roam” and the album Funplex.

When lead singer Kalmia Traver sings a line like “you came out of a lady, oh!” it’s pure happy fun, B’52’s style. On “Silly Fathers,” the band argues they’re not sane, secure, mysterious, just a “chromed up, lubed up image of ourselves” they simply means that don’t take themselves too seriously. And even when their songs are sad like “Triangular Daises” the sweetness of the band shines through anyway, making the songs bittersweet.

This is a blast of a full-length debut. Dancing and thinking, it’s all the same to Rubblebucket, just like the B’52’s do. It’s delightful, and loads of good natured fun to listen to. May they dance and think like this forever. []

Andrea Weiss

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