Monday, June 27, 2011



Young Turks

On the surface-this album Massive Attack lite. Listen closer and lite turns into light. But not lightweight, rather a light touch. There is no doom and gloom here a’ la Massive Attack, just good music for just about anything , everything from dancing, chilling out, walking, thinking, and working out.

SBTRKT (pronounced Subtract) lets other people, like his collaborators Little Dragon, Roses Gabor, Sampha and Jessie Ware carry the load. He just provides them with a solid foundation. But they’re top notch, and blend their parts into a very satisfying whole. And this album has a well-deserved buzz. Drake remixed and rapped on the song “Wildfire” along with Little Dragon. Both the original and remix are great, and are very good introductions to a fine album. []

Drakes remix:

Original version

Andrea Weiss

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