Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dylan LeBlanc

Cast the Same Old Shadow

Rough Trade

LeBlanc’s second album has him sounding a lot like Ryan Adams, and in many ways better than Adams. While LeBlanc wears his heart on his sleeve, he does it without being cantankerous, a la, Adams, which is a big relief. It’s better to be down about things and trying to work them out without being churlish about it. LeBlanc says that he was an emotional wreck while writing this album, and while that does show, he is also wise enough to know that whining won’t get him anywhere. To be confused is better, because things can be worked out in a more satisfying way.

The music is more old time country, less rock, and that’s good, too. With that kind of music, you can be sad, and have sad lyrics come through better, and with a lot more emotion. And musically and lyrically, this album overflows with quiet emotion. The music also firms up the lyrics, makes them sound tough, and keeps them and him from being a sad sack.

LeBlanc is from the same Alabama scene that the Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, and the Secret Sisters are from, and while he’s more cult than any of them, there’s also no reason why he can’t be as big. His music and lyrics could be every bit as popular, and should be. Let’s hope that this great musician finds the mass audience he deserves with this album, and that this album puts him on the map with his fellow scenesters. []
Andrea Weiss

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