Thursday, August 30, 2012

R. Ring/Kristian Svitak


Phratry Records/Band Camp

R. Ring put out 100 copies of the Devo cover to coincide with a run of dates they’re doing in Ohio this month, accompanied by renowned pro-rider Svitak on some of them. The video linked here originally contained the original version of Mr. DNA, and Warner Brothers got upset, so the clip was pulled. Svitak then enlisted his friends in R. Ring, Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery, to cover the song, and re-release the clip. That was back in February of 2012. The video is skateboarding moves and tricks galore, very cool to watch, and much fun to see. The song rocks, killer punk, with perfect, and fun guitar shredding and keyboard noises from Deal, Montgomery, and Svitak. Deal and company sound great singing, and like they’re having fierce fun doing so. In short, a good time is had by all. The audio track is available at Band Camp.

Andrea Weiss

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