Sunday, September 2, 2012


Make Contact


Zula is a Brooklyn- based indie/electronica band who‘re influenced by Elliot Smith and Neil Young. But on the basis of this song, they sound like what Animal Collective would sound as a straightforward indie rock band. I like this song much more than Animal Collective, whose songs are so soft-focused that they have no structure to them. Zula has that structure, which comes from their influences, and also add their own touch which makes something of a sound collage. Voices bubbling up in the mix, drum sounds galore, even some guitars, and it all hangs together very nicely.

Also check out “Grind is a Shuttle.” Mellow, atmospheric, with even more rock, and from an EP they put out last year. Both songs sound great on headphones, and with music this good, that means even more than it would usually. Very, very cool music.

Andrea Weiss

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