Monday, September 24, 2012


Their name is Danish for remembrance or reverberation.  And their music and lyrics live up to these meanings.

Sounding like a combination of the softer side of Foxtrot era Genesis, Coldplay and on “Between the Walls” Radiohead, the music is soft and soothing, but never softheaded or trite. The lyrics are much the same, with as much content as Peter Gabriel wrote for Genesis, and Chris Martin for Coldplay.  Lead singer Casper Clausen sings of abandonment and isolation, of two souls breaking apart, but he always sounds calm and reassuring, reminding himself and anyone who is listening that while all may seem hopeless, it really isn’t, and that things will get better. 

Such comforting music and lyrics usually tend to get lost in the background, but not here. In its own quiet way, this music stands out, while the lyrics could be musical therapy.  With so much of today’s music seemingly so disposable, this isn’t. which is more than good enough for me, and for anyone who cares about music that really means something.
Andrea Weiss

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