Sunday, September 9, 2012

Delightfully Dancing Doggystyle

An interview with chris e. pants

chris e. pants is Chrissy Muderbot’s new side project, and it’s a good one. He grew up in Kansas City, got into music in the 90s as a rave kid, and started Sleezetone as a way to put out the music he likes. I recently interviewed him, and got the scoop on the music, and him. I thank him for answering my questions.

Andrea Weiss

Andrea Weiss: I think it’s great someone is reviving classic disco. Why do you like classic disco?

Chris e. pants: I've always been a huge fan of old disco tracks...I guess it started when I was growing up in Kansas City. I was a rave kid in the mid-1990s, and there were all these new house and jungle records I wanted to buy, but they were like $10 a pop and I didn't have much money, so I ended up digging in the dollar bins, which at dance shops in the 1990s were invariably littered with tons of classic disco that everybody had forgotten about. So I ended up really falling in love with disco and R&B and all the stuff that led up to house music, and it just went from there.

AW: You incorporate modern elements like house and garage into the songs. How do they fit together with this 70s disco sound?

CEP: Really, house and garage are just modern forms of disco. Everything in the world of electronic dance music ultimately comes from two sources: disco and reggae. So any time you set out to make disco tunes from a modern perspective, I guess they're gonna end up resembling house music in some ways, because house is just modernized disco!

AW: Is Doggystyle a Snoop Dogg reference?

CEP: Doggystyle is not a Snoop Dogg reference. I guess I woulda had to call it Lion Style in that case...My dog, Bubbles, was the inspiration behind the name. She's on twitter:

AW: Are you a one person band, or did others help you create the music?

Who are the singers and rappers?

CEP: I am a one-person band, but I like to work with a lot of guest vocalists and stuff like that. Bubbles was my collaborator on this one.

AW: How did Sleazetone Records come into the picture?

CEP: I started Sleazetone Records in 2007 as an outlet for sleazy party music that I really feel strongly about. We've done records by Ssion, James Braun, Monkey Steak, Hanuman, Kanji Kinetic, Thunderous Olympian, and more, and this single just felt like a perfect fit.

AW: How did you get started in music?

CEP: I got started in music as a rave kid in the '90s, and from that starting point of listening to music and going to parties I started trying to learn to DJ and produce and it all just kind of built up from there.

AW: Anyone we might want to keep an ear out for?

CEP: Plenty of people! Slick Shoota, Lenkemz, Sarantis, Sinistarr, Calculon, Fracture & Neptune, Machinedrum, Steak House, The Black Madonna, Stripped & Chewed records, the list goes on and on...

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