Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yo La Tengo

Gentle, fragile, if not altogether quiet and calm music, also reflects bittersweet  lyrics.  A long-time married couple looks back, sees how happy they are, and then looks forward, knowing that what they have will last. But as they grow older, they realize that someday they won’t be here anymore.

This music is far from being a downer, or dark, or even sad. There is some wry, dry humor here, musically and lyrically, and some of these tracks are orchestrated, are a new direction for them.  Mortality is also a new direction, and a good one, as rock rarely gets this wise about aging.  Overall, another fantastic album from this long running Hoboken, NJ group, and even though Ira, Georgia, and John won’t live forever, their music will. 
Andrea Weiss

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