Monday, January 28, 2013

Somewhere Else

It’s pretty, fragile music, but the lyrics are smart and melancholy. Danish multi-instrumentalist Søren Løkke Juul knows better than to wallow in his pain, that melancholy is not all he knows. Relationships are, or have ended. He accepts that, and moves on, knowing better times are ahead.

This music is also one of the better pairings of folk and synths I’ve heard. He stresses the synths and uses them to blend in with his acoustic instruments, whether they are piano or guitar, which makes for a nice, soothing mix.  This album is perfect for late night listening, or quiet times.  Indians is one of the better debuts to keep an ear out for, simply because he is smart, and has a positive outlook on things.  Out now on iTunes, and the 29th of January in all formats. 
Andrea Weiss

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