Monday, February 25, 2013

Red Eye Transit

The debut album from this Oslo based band is shimmering, ethereal, warm flowing, smooth electro rock, that is somewhat haunting and dark. They write about events such as shipwrecks, people like widows, and ghosts, but in a way that is also hopeful. 

The band recorded their album in a lighthouse, amid gale force winds, fierce storms, and tremendous waves. That made them think of what Norway was before the country prospered, and of companionship, which is why the band sounds so hopeful, and why their music sounds so comforting.  A very good debut, one that should establish them in a big way in the US, especially since they are performing at SXSW.  I wish them much luck and success with this album that has much charm and wisdom. They show no fear in the face of overwhelming odds, man-made or nature based. 
Andrea Weiss

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