Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chrissy Murderbot
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What I like about techno, any kind of techno, is that it conveys emotions and thoughts with no lyrics, just the music,  without a hint of showing off, which can be the case with rock instrumentals.  Even when there are words, it’s usually a phrase or maybe one sentence that is meant to complement the emotions of a piece, not make things separate,.

On this comp, the emotions here are joy, woderment, amazement,  happiness, love, and pleasure, letting all kinds of synths carry the load, rather than guitars, and vocals.  To me this is the best kind of techno, If you’re going to dance, it should be because you’re happy, not sad or angry.  And this comp is made of one non-stop party, something to play and replay, until you’re exhausted.

Now all of this may be obvious, but I’m a newcomer to this type of music, so bear with me if I sound like I’m making basic observations.  I like this comp a lot. Indeed anything Muderbot has sent me has been excellent. Even though I really do have two left feet, I like this for bringing cheer, and for making me want to shimmy around the room, and get me moving. Actions can speak much louder than words here.
Andrea Weiss

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