Monday, April 1, 2013

Fat Possum

What seems at first glance to be very samey-sounding, musically, is actually a very subtle, nuanced sound, with many layers and details that demand close attention.  And if you give the music a chance, you’ll find something wonderful, very deep, and even comforting, a sense that someone feels the same as you.

This approach extends to the lyrics as well, which seem to be about a relationship, where the singer loves someone dearly, but knows he’s getting nowhere with her yet can’t quit.  Everything runs together after awhile, making the effect of the lyrics seem like episodes in one very long, bad day that never seems to end. But when it does, things will be better and there will be understanding, and possibly a resolution.  Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship like this will relate. These lyrics are striking in terms of examining every aspect of the relationship.

CoCo Beware, Caveman’s self-released debut, deserves every bit of hype thrown at it. This self-titled sophomore beats the cliché of the sophomore slump, and is a very worthy follow-up to their debut.  This is modern psychedelic music at its best, and  a very good trip at that. 
Andrea Weiss

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