Sunday, March 24, 2013

Calculon and Austin Speed
VIP Remixes
Lose Squares

Two good remixes of two great tracks.  Calculation & Austin Speed gives “Back the Fuck Up”
a sparer, sparser sound, emphasizing the low end to make it boom out of the speakers,
Perfect for when the party is in full swing.

The remix of “Ross” by Sinistar put drums in the forefront, slowing things down for maximum effect with voices popping out of the mix, all threatening violence with their “chopper” or AK-47.  And for all the threats, a good change of pace for a slightly downbeat feel that could be used to take a breather from dancing.

Both remixes are as good as the originals, but different, as good remixes are wont to be, and worth a listen, not just for the fans, but for anyone who enjoys danceing. 
Andrea Weiss

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