Monday, March 18, 2013

Tales From Terra Firma
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I’d given Stornaway short shrift on their debut, Beachcombers Lullaby, for the rather petty reason of not measuring up to Mumford and Sons, simply because I felt Mumford was a better example of modern folk/rock.  I’m taking that review back, and apologizing to the band. Considering what Mumford became, woozy, ear splitting romantics, Stornaway is now the best example of modern folk/rock I can give.

And the band has grown tougher, very gently displeased with what they see, but putting their best foot forward. A very wise move. The music is stronger. What seems flimsy on first listen is now sturdier, durable, and quietly rousing to listen to.  May this band have as much success as Mumford, and continue to grow. They’ve fulfilled the promise of their debut, and gone way beyond it.
Andrea Weiss

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