Sunday, July 21, 2013


Self-titled EP
Video for “Dreaming”
RCA Records.

This band sounds a lot like Passion Pit, and what makes Smallpools better than PP is that Smallpools has none of the irritating quirks that make PP so hard to listen to.  Smallpools is a straight up rock/dance band, and perfect for the club floor.  And their lyrics make you think,

The video, and single, “Dreaming,” is sort of a musical riff on Groundhog Day, where the lead singer of the band finds himself at the same party over and over again, everywhere he goes. First he think it’s fun, then he panics, and he resigns himself to his fate. But then the time loop breaks at the end in a really sweet way. The situation is pretty funny, and the clip is a lot of fun to watch. 
Andrea Weiss

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