Sunday, July 14, 2013

Victoria M.

Kirin J Callinan.
Victoria M Video
Self Directed
Terrible Records/XL Recordings

From his debut album Embracism is a clip that is camp at it’s coolest, no bad taste here. If anything it’s a parody of the Young and the Restless  soap opera, with Callinan playing all the parts himself, He’s very convincing in drag for all the female characters; ditto for all the various male characters. 

The lyrics deal with falling in love with two people, and he can’t tell Victoria about it. But all the female characters embody all the women he loves, and the men he wished he could be. He also plays a single keyboard. Most of the backgrounds for the characters are trippy and drenched in red velvet.  All in all stunning, a lot of fun to watch, a standout track from a great debut.
Andrea Weiss

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