Monday, October 7, 2013

St. Lucia

St. Lucia
Night Still Comes

80s synth pop and techno pop was always so serious.  Deadpan, monotone singing, keyboards used for ominous effect, incomprehensible lyrics, no emotional content. This is why Brooklyn’s St. Lucia is so refreshing.

There is loads of emotional content here, much of it joyous and blissful. Jean-Philip Grobler sings like someone having a very good time, even when he’s lost out on love, because he knows he will find someone another day.  This is reflected in the music:  driving, forceful, emotional, ready to have fun. And for all the synths here, very few drum machines, another relief, because there is nothing like a human being drumming, since a better beat is kept that way. This is a great full-length debut, and is a welcome and wonderful alternative to music that is the opposite of St. Lucia. 
Andrea Weiss

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