Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Big Believe

The Big Believe
Let’s Pretend We’re Spies (featuring Faye Hunter)

The Big Believe is a band from Eastbourne, Britain led by Amanda Thompson, whose deep voice sounds sweet and comforting.  “Let’s Pretend We’re Spies” is not about spies.  Rather it’s a cool, fun, folk/rock romp about uplift through introspection and the joy of knowing you’re better off for it.  And that’s just the A side. The B side of this 7-inch takes the song in a synth direction, making it sound somewhat spooky. 

What makes this 7-inch sound bittersweet is that this is the final recording of Faye Hunter, who died in July of this year under tragic circumstances.  Faye sounds wonderful here and adds a layer of sinister undercurrent with her vocals.  She never lost her voice, or the magic that she could bring to a song, but the sadness that goes with a final recording is almost obliterated knowing that she went out on top. This is one of the finest songs I’ve heard all year, and a must-have for fans of Faye and Let’s Active. As an added bonus, some of the proceeds from the song go toward a donkey shelter that Faye supported, and the 7-inch cover is a drawing that Faye created.  If you go to The Big Believe’s sound cloud page, you’ll find other good songs from them, including the great “Girls With Cassettes” featuring Todd Fancy from The New Pornographers, and a terrific rough mix of "Spies." 

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