Friday, January 31, 2014

Fans Of Faye

Fans of Faye
Designed To Be

I am really happy this band brought their music to my attention, and I thank them for doing so. This is a young band from the UK, with an album released in 2012.

Imagine Kurt Cobain playing guitar alongside the Edge and Bono in U2, with Nirvana still Kurt’s main band, and you'll have Fans Of Faye, named for their dearly departed friend.

Whether about love or life, their lyrics have the same righteous indignation as U2 and Nirvana, which is why this band is so refreshing.  They’re barely touched by any of the current revivals.   No 70s, barely any 90s.  Clearly, college rock never died for this band.

The album is available free from Band Camp, and I strongly urge everyone to check it out.  You'll find an album that shows indie rock as it used to be, before any revivals became embedded in it.
Andrea Weiss

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