Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Rough Trade

The grooves and beats are so smooth and flowing on the second releases from this L.A. band that I want to dance to them, or hear them in a disco hearing a hot remix. That’s one thing I love about this album, for all the good dance music that’s out right now in the alt-dance scene, most of them don’t have songs you can dance to, much less lyrics that detail the dark side or relationships as well as this band can.

Their lyrics, which detail the dark side of relationships, are chanted in unison, a tricky thing to pull off well, but when it happens it’s thrilling.  And as dark as these lyrics are, they’re not downers.  “Love Is To Die,” immediately turns that title around by saying how much they want to live and love. 

This album is a very worthy follow up to their debut, The Fool, and shows a band on the rise, and I hope they rise to the top, and even higher than that.
Andrea Weiss

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