Sunday, May 18, 2014


I am a liberal, but I don’t usually put my politics front and center in a tiny blog such as this.  I am speaking out now because I feel very strongly about this. I am an Occupy Wall Street supporter from afar, and stand with them on their main message, as well as this one.

Cecily McMillian, an OWS activist, has been in jail for striking a police officer at an OWS protest. On Monday she’ll be sentenced.  Pussy Riot, and others like Spike Jonez and Kim Gordon, have written letters to the judge asking for mercy, as I am doing here.  I read about the trial in the NY Times, and felt Cecily was getting a raw deal, as she might be sentenced to seven years in prison.

You can view the letters here and stand with the writers, as am I, asking the judge for mercy. I feel, like them, that time served and a conviction on her record, is enough.  Sending someone up the river for seven years is way too long a punishment for someone 25 years old. 
Andrea Weiss

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