Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fucked Up
Glass Boys

With Chemistry of Common Life, hardcore as progressive rock. With David Comes To Life, hardcore on a grand, rock opera scale. And now, with Glass Boys, this is hardcore as adult rock at its best.  With content galore, this is one of the best and smartest hardcore bands around.

The theme here is to look at life as an adult, and how your perspective changes as you get older. It’s a theme that hasn’t really been sung about before, as rock is still of the “hope I die before I get old,” stance.  But Fucked Up always has to do things their way, with wonderful results. I love this album for its wisdom, its maturity, and for how easy it is to transform a youthful style, into something adult, and still rock as hard as you can.

The guitars slash and burn.  Damian Abraham sings like he’s figured things out, even though he knows he hasn’t.  The four drum kits beef up the beat.  If you order the vinyl version of the album, you get a download of an alternate version with one drum kit played at half speed.  It’s very interesting to hear the drums played like this, although I have to say I prefer the four-to-one drum kit.  Sandy Miranda’s bass playing is excellent.

If hardcore isn’t your style, think again. This is head and shoulders above most in that genre. If you feel too old for it, think again. I’m 51, and felt extra youthful as I listened. You’re never too young to hear this album because someday you’ll need the wisdom and fire of this band.  And if you just want some good punk rock, look no further than Glass Boys. http://fuckedup.cc/home/ And check out the video about the mtivations behind the album. 
Andrea Weiss

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