Friday, April 7, 2017


R. Ring
Steam video

As much as I love Cutter and $100 Heat, Steam is where Mike Montgomery, the other half of R. Ring, shines. Between Lori Goldston’s understated, wonderful cello playing and Kelley Deal’s background vocals, it’s sad, beautiful, hushed, and great. In the April 4, 2017 interview for Glide magazine, Mike had this to say about the song: Steam is one of the first songs Kelley and I started playing together. She used to accompany my guitar and singing on keys. One night on a tour, her keyboard broke as we went to start the song and she ended up just singing her melody through some guitar pedals to get us through it. We’ve done it that way ever since. With the addition of Lori Goldston’s cello on this album version it’s really a nice setting for the narrative: subjects trapped in time ignoring the looming futility of stubborn adherence to an ideal. Chris Glass’ captivating slow motion video captures the mood perfectly.”

The song also could be about a friend consoling another friend about his/her wife leaving and going home to Germany. The video captures the loneliness of being in a crowd, at a very impersonal train station, and fits the song perfectly. Watch it here:

Andrea Weiss

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