Sunday, April 30, 2017

R. Ring Live

R. Ring
Everybody Hits
Philadelphia, PA, 4-24-17

Everybody Hits is a small batting cage facility that also puts on concerts. Nice staff, and a good turnout for such a small, out-of-the-way place. There were four bands on the bill. R. Ring headlined. I hadn't seen them for 2 1/2 years, so I was really looking forward to this.

Swanning, three women with a male drummer, were up first, playing good, modern indie rock.

Joe Jack Talcum, from one of Philly’s best known punk bands, the Dead Milkman, played a solo set of good, quirky folk/punk. If you ever wondered what Jonathan Richman would sound like if he grew up, it’s Joe Jack.

The Chicago three-piece band Split Single was next, led by Jason Narducy. I’d heard of him, as one of the bands he’s in is Bob Mould’s touring band. I liked his music very much--rip roaring indie rock, very melodic. His CD Metal Frames, is a great way to introduce yourself to his music.

R. Ring’s van had broken down, and it was a wonder they even got to Philly. But they made it, a little after eleven, set up as quick as they could, and played a wonderful set, featuring most of their upcoming album, Ignite The Rest. The versions here were looser and sparer than on the album. R. Ring, the duo of Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery, play electric experimental folk and stripped-down indie rock. Their drummer on this tour, Laura King from Chapel Hill, is excellent. She played just a snare, not a full kit.

The crowd seemed into all the bands. For me, it was a very good night out, and a show that was worth the wait. And if you like what you read here, they’re doing some dates in Ohio, Kentucky, and live on the station WYSO on May 17. 

Andrea Weiss


  1. I was at the show. So glad that I decided to go out and stay. A really great night!

    1. I absolutely agree! I've seen them more than once, and they've been great every time.

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