Monday, May 1, 2017


Waxahatchee/The New Pornographers
Union Transfer
Philadelphia, PA, 4-27-17

I’d never been to Union Transfer, but I’d heard nothing but good things about it. Since I love The New Pornographers' new record so much, the time was ripe to go.

It’s a great place: clean, comfortable, neat. I need handicapped seating, as i can’t stand for long periods of time anymore, and the staff provided me with a chair, with excellent sight lines. I had a nice conversation with a woman with a similar condition sitting next to me.

Waxahatchee is Katie Crutchfield, joined by a bass player. I have her last two albums and really like them. Katie didn’t disappoint with her noisy, electric folk/rock and good lyrics, and sang very winningly. A perfect opening act.

TNP also didn’t disappoint. I’d wondered how they’d sound live, and how slick. As great as Whiteout Conditions is, it’s also the closest to the mainstream, at least the AAA radio mainstream, which has embraced the single High Ticket Attractions.

With the addition of new member Simi, who plays the violin very well, the band is now a seven piece, with Carl Newman and Todd Fancey on guitars, Blaine Thurier and Kathryn Calder on  keyboards, John Collins on bass, Joe Seiders on drums, and Neko Case on percussion. Carl, Neko, Kathryn, and Simi sing four-part harmony. And wow, what harmonies! Just terrific. Blaine Thurier played harmonica on one song, and Kathryn played accordion. I loved everything they played. The energy didn’t let up for a moment. High spirited fun all around.

They played songs from every album, even one of Dan Bejar’s, Testament To Youth In Verse, though he is on hiatus from TNP. Neko, who was really someone to behold, put the crowd under her spell, with her sparkly blouse causing Carl to remark at one point that it was reflecting off the walls of the bar. During the encore they were funny as anything. Somehow Neko’s and Carl’s banter evolved from Neko saying they reminded her of Donnie and Marie Osmond on their TV show, to Neko joking that she lost her virginity to Carl after 46 years.

It was a good night all around, a band I’m so glad I finally got to see, and a club that I’ll be going  back to.

Andrea Weiss

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