Tuesday, June 8, 2010

XL Recordings

This is a fun album to listen to. Guitars and keyboards zoom, swoosh, and swoop in and out of the mix. Electronically altered voices “do-do-doing.” “oh wow” and “yeah.” A string section weaves in and out good naturedly, and in the end the album is goodhearted, goofy, and a blast to hear, even as the pieces sound too much alike in spots. Nevertheless, this is techno with a sense of adventure, absurd humor, and playfulness, perfect for dancing and any situation where fun music is required. [
Andrea Weiss

True Panther Sounds

For all the happiness shown on these tracks, all the joy and ecstasy this danceable synth-pop has, it is also soft enough that by the end of the album the music loses steam, becomes tiresome and, finally. boring. A song or two might be good for the dance floor, but as a whole, it’s best to skip it. [
Andrea Weiss


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