Friday, October 17, 2014

Game Theroy

Game Theory
Blaze of Glory
Omnivore Recordings

They were young, punky, and had it even then. That is, flashes of brilliance even on their first full-length album. But in 1982, who knew how great Scott Miller really was? His confidence here shows you that he knew.

Blaze of Glory was the first album from Game Theory, and it is back in print after being out of it since the early 1980s.  The album includes many bonus tracks, outtakes, live cuts, and a few from Scott’s first band ALRN, all of which are every bit as good as Scott was later with GT.

From ALRN’s “Beach State Rocking,” to “Bad Year At UCLA,” from GT, there is a lot here to savor.  And there isn’t a bad track in the bunch, which is amazing for a debut. If you’re a Scott Miller fan, or are curious about what GT sounded like and, like me, can’t wait for the rest of the GT catalog to be reissued by Omnivore, then this is a natural, and a good starting point.
Andrea Weiss


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