Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Patterns EP
Monday Records

This EP, featuring contributions from Lianne La Havas and Will Heard, has a very good sense of melody. This is more than just pounding beats.  These rhythms skip along very nicely, since whenever there is a good melody, or melodies, everything -- rhythms, lyrics -- falls into line, at least for me.  So, if you want to dance to something very melodic, and fun to listen to, this EP is for you.
Andrea Weiss

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Incan Abraham
White Iris Records

This is very pleasant, dreamy synth pop, musically and lyrically, but I must respectfully disagree with those who liken this band to Beach House and Grizzly Bear. What I hear is a debut album with a sound all its own that may use the Bear and the Beach sparingly as starting points but that doesn't prevent the band from trying new things on it’s own.  Its sound is sturdy and the framework is strong, allowing it to roam free.  The lyrics reflect the music.  Try it.  I think you'll like it.
Andrea Weiss


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