Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Bye Bye Blackbirds
We Need The Rain

Oakland’s Bye-Bye-Blackbirds have been making great music for several years in the Bay Area.  I found out about them when I met the bandleader, Bradley Skaught, through Loud Fans, an email list for fans of the late, great Scott Miller. Bradley played with Scott as well.  Now we're friends on Facebook, where Loud Fans eventually went.

We Need The Rain continues the Blackbirds brand of jangly power-pop suffused with Americana.  Think Old 97’s Satellite Rides period.  It’s a neat blend of warm, jangly pop, a tiny bit of twang, and a teaspoon of Neil Young-like guitar playing, especially on the last track “Spin Your Stars.” There's no hint of retro whatsoever and Bradley’s wise words on love and life are as good as anything that Scott Miller wrote, but more straightforward.  And the album is dedicated to Scott.

I can’t recommend this band enough.  They're perfect for summer days or whenever you need a bit of sunshine or a general pick-me-up in the winter to get rid of cold, dark days, and hear the promise of spring.

‎Andrea Weiss


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