Sunday, November 21, 2010


Broken Dreams Club EP

True Panther Sounds

Christopher Owens, the leader of Girls, says this is an EP ‘”rom our hearts to yours,” and “the next step up from Album.” Album was their wonderful debut, and I agree with Owens that this is the next step, and a very good one at that. Their spry, agile, and limber sound to include the more mellow side of the Dandy Warhols, along with Brian Wilson and Phil Spector. Their first four sad but sensible songs on their EP are about broken hearts. “Substance” the fifth song, declares that he doesn’t need broken hearts or broken dreams, a song that more than lives up to its title. y “Carolina” the last song on the disk, he finds love, and a happy ending.

From start to finish, this EP is fantastic. The songs are good, sweet, and never whine or wallow in self-pity. Their next full length album will be more than worth the wait.[]

Andrea Weiss


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