Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dog Blood
Next Order
Boysnoize Records & OWSLA/Big Beat

The video to this excellent song, which is my first exposure to dubstep, is very trippy, and fun to watch. A guy has a very interesting trip involving astronauts, the streets, pretty women, and helpful strangers. The audio is great  for dancing.  Another good move by Boys Noize, and fun, too. 
Andrea Weiss

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Boys Noize featuring Snoop Dogg
Out Of The Black

I’ve already, in my full review of Boys Noize’s excellent album Out Of The Black, made my distaste known for Snoop Dogg’s lyrical stances. So this review focuses on the music and rapping. Snoop Dogg is a great rapper. I like his laid back style, and his matter-of-fact take on what he’s into. Boys Noize’s music perfectly complements Snoop’s rapping, laying down a jagged, humming, and very melodic bed of sound that augments the rapping perfectly. If you like The Dogg, take my viewpoint on his lyrics with a grain of salt and check out this track, one of the best on Out Of The Black, and get dancing to it.
Andrea Weiss

Monday, December 3, 2012

Scott Walker
Bish Bosch

Continuing what he started on The Drift, Walker proves that he is like no other operating outside the mainstream, and indeed, most of indie rock.  Bish Bosch, with its dark ominous music and lyrics, nevertheless manages to be more positive than The Drift, simply by taking a more cerebral approach to dysfunction, bodily functions, history and his fascination with dictators like Attila The Hun. 

The album’s title comes from Hieronymus Bosch, whose painting Garden of Earthly Delights, also sets the tone and mood here.  The music is harsh, abrasive, sparse, haunting, does evoke hell, heaven but also in a twisted way as in going through hell to get to heaven. 

While this album is not for the faint hearted, or those accustomed to more conventionally structured music, those that do brave it will find very complex things going on. It’s make one think and feel dread, but also relief that however bad everything is now, it will get better. 
Andrea Weiss

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Avan Lava

A bisexual love triangle told in 4:55 minutes. The song is erotic and loving, and the video is even more so. I prefer the uncensored version of the video for that reason.  The song is on Avan Lava’s Flex Fantasy EP, and the EP is great all the way through. The title of the song and the clip that accompanies it isn’t meant to be taken literally. Sisters as in best friends, and maybe in the feminist way as well.

All the shots of two hot women in and out of bed, partying or just having quiet times with each other captures love honestly and naturally. This is why you can feel for the woman who is the odd person out when the other is with her boyfriend.  She should ditch him and stay with her girlfriend who gives her much more than the guy could. But don’t ditch the song, which is gorgeous. A mid tempo groove that gets under your skin, it lingers long after the song is over. It’s cool, and the video makes it even cooler.  
Andrea Weiss


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