Friday, December 15, 2017

Top Tens


1 SuperCaliFragile Game Theory, TNP Whiteout Conditions, Out in the Storm Waxahatchee

2 Tristen Sneaker Waves

3  Phoebe Bridgers Stranger in the Alps

4 Sheer Mag Need To Feel Your Love

5 Sweet Sprit St. Mojo

6 Mavis Staples If All I Was Was Black

7 Ride Weather Diaries 

8 Mark Lanegan Band Gargoyle

9 Dream Syndicate How Did I Find Myself Here

10 Conor Oberst Salutations


1 Kristine, Game Theory, TNP  High ticket attractions, Waxahatchee Never Been Wrong

2 GT Oh Death

3  TNP We’ve been Here before

4 Tristen Glass Jar

5 Phoebe Bridgers Motion Sickness

6 Sweet Sprit The Power

7 Mavis Staples If All I Was Was Black

8 Ride Charm Assault

9 Conor Oberst A Little Uncanny

10 Blondie Long Time

Andrea Weiss


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