Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Kelley Deal and Friends

Part of a longer work, a song cycle, this piece features a bass clarinet, a recorded handball game, and Kelly Deal’s self-produced vocals, organs, and sewing machines. King Baby Nuxhall helped create this song, along with Evan Ziporyn on clarinet pieces. Matthew Ritchie and Kelley Deal co-wrote the lyrics. Matt Boynton at Vacation Island Recording mixed it.

The track is excellent for this type of music: nice, mellow, a meditation on Sunfire in the persona of a man. The parts fit together well, very atmospheric, as the song fades in, does its great thing, and fades out. Deal sings it very trancey, and well. Play this on headphones for the full experience.

For more on the piece, and a name your price download, go here

Andrea Weiss

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Voice Project pairs people like Johnny Depp, Peter Gabriel, and Tom Morello with artists, writers, and musicians who are political prisoners in their home countries. What they do with the pairings is combine the prisoners' mug shot information with photos of those who are championing them, and put the images on t-shirts, which they sell to raise funds. The goal is to raise awareness of free expression and free speech, and show that you can, and should, speak out if your government tries to take away your rights.

Tom Morello

 I find this project timely, welcome, and am fully aware that this could happen here like never before. We have right now a President-Elect who could take our rights away and make the US into something repulsive. We can’t let that happen. So if you like this project, like me, and buy one of the shirts, you’re doing more than buying a shirt. You’re speaking out against injustice at a time when we really need to.

Johnny Depp

Andrea Weiss

Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Message To All

I don’t do traditional blog posts often, but felt it was time for one.  In the wake of the US election, I want to say that my blog, and I, will always be inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. As someone who is out, and disabled, how could I be anything less? I despise Trump and everything he and his ilk stand for. To those who are protesting, my physical health prevents me from marching for now, but I’m there with my words. Make the US ungovernable, paralyze the country, and don’t stop until the Bastards are gone. But be non-violent. Don’t give them a reason to throw you into G’itmo.

I don’t write a lot of reviews anymore, as writing scripts is a full time job now, but my audience is so widespread, from all over the world. To all of you, thank you for reading my reviews. It’s wonderful to look at my stats and see where people are from. Keep reading. I will be here, politically, socially, and musically.

Andrea Weiss


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