Thursday, March 27, 2014


Future Islands

The best way to think about this album is that it’s thoughtful, musically and lyrically.  The cerebral quality of the music, which is quiet with something of a dance beat to it, is very appealing.  Rarely does music so perfectly complement almost every mood. 

The vocalist for this Baltimore trio has an equally appealing rasp to his voice, even a growl at times, and it lends the lyrics and music an even more thoughtful quality.  In short, a good album that's more than worthwhile for dancing and listening.
Andrea Weiss

Monday, March 24, 2014

World of Joy

World Of Joy
Rough Trade

The band backs up the promise of their lead single, “Don’t Wanna,” with an album that is heavier, darker, funnier, more mature, and rocking than their debut America Give Up. In short, a great album about places, states of mind and people in their hometown of Minneapolis, with a pop/rock/punk crunch that is very appealing and a lot of fun to listen to.

A couple of the songs are about their guitarist Ian.  The poor man gets sick all the time, but he's a swell guy and a great guitar player.  Jordan Gatesmith’s deep voice provides more balance than on the debut and he's even better here.  The rhythm section is cool, laying down a driving beat that is also very catchy.  “Don’t Wanna,” deserves a retraction from me.  It’s not about a woman.  It’s about Goldsmith, his friends who cling to local rock mythology, and "a culture that might be more damning than freeing," to quote a bit from his liner notes I received with this review copy.  He might even be saying that if you Wanna, then Don’t Wanna, it’s okay.

We’re only three months into the year, and already there are some great albums for “best of the year” consideration, World of Joy being one of them. If you want to hear some joyful, mordantly humored, wonderful, and truly modern rock, this album is for you.
Andrea Weiss

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Till Tomorrow Video

This is easy listening synth pop, with a good message: get out of your head. You don’t need it and it’s time to move on. The clip, consisting of moving line drawings, is good, simple animation, and lends the song even more emotion than it already has. There’s a sweetness to it that makes the lyrics even sadder.  It’s a good pick-me-up, and a gently fun clip to view more than once, just to see the animation.

Andrea Weiss

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Escape From Chicago 2
Loose Squares

This is a comp of post-footwork artists outside of Chicago, including Slick Shoota, Sinistarr,  Calculonm, and Leatherface.  I like this comp because it’s very meditative, good for thinking while walking around or just relaxing.  No matter the tempo, these tracks are all good.   You can also use them for working out and, of course, on the dance floor.  So if you want to check out some great music, and what is the best techno outside of Chicago, this comp is for you.
Andrea Weiss


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