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Saturday, July 31, 2021


Air video

Sofaburn Records

This visually arresting video showcases the single from Lung's upcoming third album, Come Clean Right Now. Lung are a cello and drums duo, and wonderful.

The song is about sexual obsession, and it's dark. Kate Wakefield's harrowing lyrics, her cello sounding like a feedback-laden electric guitar, and drummer Daisy Caplan's thundering drums make the song musically arresting, as well. The scene where paint drips on them in all different colors is the most arresting image of all.

The video is a must see, a wonderful mix of anguish and power. Come Clean Right Now will be released August 20th.

Amdea Weiss

 Paige Beller

So Much Water video

Sofaburn Records

The second single from her upcoming debut for Sofaburn Records, I'll Be Better, draws on her love of doo-wop and 60s girl groups like the Dixie Cups. The music is spare, just her vocals and loops of her voice for the harmonies, with kick drum and minimal synths. The video is visually stark, with cue cards to show the lyrics, and Beller in a variety of outfits to show the many sides of her personality, including that she's out and proud.

With unflinching honesty lyrically, vocally, and with her outfits, this tale of being pushed away and then refusing to leave is dark, very real, and makes for a fascinating clip. Her album will be out in the fall, and if the whole album is anything like this wonderful single and video, it will be terrific.

Andrea Weiss

Thursday, July 29, 2021

 Jeremy Pinnell

Night Time Eagle single

Sofaburn Records

This hard-edged country/rock song, really modern honky tonk, is about a musician who goes on tour, gets homesick, and misses his family. It's tough, but sensitive, steps lively, but is serious, and is fun. You will feel for the musician and hope he gets through the tour okay.

It's also different, a song that stands rock and country cliches on their heads. So many musicians like to tour that it's refreshing to hear a song express the opposite sentiment. That it goes by so fast adds to the fun: did he really sing this line? He did. It's a wonderful single.

Pinnell's next full length, Goodbye LA, will be out October 1st.

Andrea Weiss

 Back To The Summer Olympics

Vista Blue


This three song single by the pop/power pop/punk group is three songs about 1: the Olympics, 2: how Anthony's mom has a boom box, and 3: that it's summertime again.

The first song, "Back to the Summer Olympics" reminds me of Weezer and Fountains Of Wayne. The second and third, "Hey Anthony" and "It's Summertime Again," are more Ramones, with the third also like the Beach Boys amped up. All are good and a lot of fun, nice to rock out to or walk around to. The single is a name your price download on Bandcamp, too.

Andrea Weiss

Friday, July 23, 2021

 I first became aware of Lannie Flowers on one of the Big Stir Singles comps. "My Street" was the song, and I was quite taken with it: a slice of life set to jaunty, indie, American rock music, with happy, contented lyrics. Now there is Home,the album, which bears out the promise of "My Street." It expands on the single musically and delves deeper into the characters, all of whom might live on his street.

Lannie was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

Andrea Weiss: For those who don't know your music, could give some of your history?

Lannie Flowers: Started playing in bands when I was 12 years old. Played in the Pengwins for most of my young life. Got to see a lot of places and almost got a major label deal a couple of times. Along the way I was always writing songs. Unfortunately, never finding an outlet for a lot of them. So when I got off the road, I built a studio in my garage and just started recording all of those songs. Just for fun. I put together a CD to give to friends, called Same Old Story. My friend and former bandmate Alan Petsche had an indie label in Arlington Texas. So in 2009 we put it out and surprisingly got good reviews. So we just went from there.

AW: Who are your influences?

LF Early on, of course, The Beatles, Kinks, Who, Rolling Stones. As I got a little older I started listening to David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, VU, Stooges. Also there was Badfinger, Big Star, all of that stuff. Then punk rock came along with the Clash to Elvis Costello and everything in between. Then as time went on, it was the Replacements to Bob Dylan to old country to soul, etc. Music was my drug. I couldn’t wait to find the next big thing, that was gonna change my life.

AW: This seems to be a concept album about people going home or leaving home, even if their home is a state of mind. I like that, but could you elaborate a bit more?

LF Home can mean a lot of different things. It can mean joy or pain or just some place you go after work. For some people, they want to be free from home and others want to be free to go home. I really wanted to leave a lot of it open to interpretation. Especially songs like "He’s Going Home."

AW: Some of your characters seem to live lives of quiet desperation, others, happy ones. Did you plan that contrast as part of the concept?

LF: It’s just life. No two people have the same story. So, these are just stories about different people with different circumstances. But to answer your question. No there was no big plan in my head to show contrasts. The songs are about different people. So you’re gonna get a different view of their situation.

AW: I like how the music flows so clearly and directly, and is also quietly powerful. Was that how the songs evolved?

LF: There was a conscious effort to make it flow and be quietly powerful. I was a rock and roll kid. So it was hard and also fun to try to make a more acoustic record and not sound too quiet.

AW: I like the single "Running" a lot, and the B-side, "My Street,” as well. Since "My Street” is the Nashville version, would you say your songs have an alt-country side to them?

LFI think this record more so than the previous ones. I did grow up in Texas. So you can’t really get away from some of those roots.

AW: How did the joint release with SpyderPop and Big Stir come about?

LF: I met Rex a few years ago in L.A. and told Alan Petsche and Victor Erwin at SpyderPop about the Big Stir thing. That’s really about all I had to do with it. They took it from there. I think it’s a really great thing.

AW: What advice would you give someone just starting out in music?

LF: Don’t do it unless you have a real passion for it. Because it’s not an easy life, but a very rewarding one. Also, figure out what you do best and what really speaks to you, and run with it.

 Lannie Flowers


Syderpop/Big Stir Records

By turns alt-country, folk rock, a little power pop, but the Americana side of it, the music is quiet, subtle, a little melancholy, but full of energy, too.

The characters lead lives of quiet desperation, always looking for home, a home, or something like home, whatever home means to them. The lyrics show empathy for them, but never pity.

It's also quietly great. The music's energy never flags, the writing is clear, direct, and clear eyed, and the one happy song, ”My Street,” is a romp lyrically.

For anyone who every wanted some kind of home, in a building or a state of mind, this album is for you.

Andrea Weiss

 Lannie Flowers

Home (single)

Spyderpop/Big Stir Records

The A side of this self-titled single from the album Home is the indie rock side of Americana, with lyrics about finding a home, even if that home is a state of mind.

The B side is a non-album version of “My Street (Nashville Version)” with steel guitar making it even more of a romp than on the album. While it's a happy song about all the people who live on the main character's street, all of them might also be looking for a home of some other kind on this street.

It's a very good lead-in to the album, but buy the single, too, so you can hear the wonderful B-side as well.

Andrea Weiss


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