Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Brothers Steve
Big Stir Records

What I like about this record is its really poppy take on Cheap Trick, as it’s very charming and appealing. Good harmonies, smart lyrics, and the energy of these songs never flags.

Every track has something recommend it, but the standouts are “Carry Me,” the single, about what the main character wants to have happen with his girlfriend, and the sarcastic “Beat Generation Poet Turned Assassin,” which takes aim not just at the poet, but gossip.

Vocalist/guitarist Jeff Whalen, drummer Steve Coulter, and bassist Jeff Solomon were in Tsar, a very good power pop band who never quite got their due, and #1 is as good as anything they recorded.  They are joined here by their former bandmates from their UC Santa Barbara days,  Os Tyler on vocals and Dylan Champion on guitar and vocals. This album is pure summer fun, and well worth picking up to have some good times in the sun.

Andrea Weiss

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