Wednesday, February 24, 2021

 Dolph Chaney

This is Dolph Chaney

Big Stir

The second album from Chaney on Big Stir, the followup to the wonderful Rebuilding Permit, is just as emotionally moving and common sensible. “Cuddle Party” and “My Good Twin” are a lot of fun. The music draws on Challengers era New Pornographers and Big Shot Chronicles era Game Theory.

Chaney worked with a producer this time, Nick Bertling, after years of self-production, and the sound is warm and somewhat more mellow that Rebuilding Permit. Both serve the songs well: the nuances of the lyrics shine, while rocking enough to keep things moving crisply.

“Worship Song” stands out in particular. Even atheists can find something to relate to, as the song really isn't about religon, but forgiveness, love, and friendship, with it's twin refrain of “Jesus I'm a dumbass...” and “Jesus you'r ea dumbass...”

This album is an early contender for best of the year, and well worth picking up, for the best kind of mellow, smart guitar pop/rock, that will make you think and rock out.

Andrea Weiss

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